Scope of Practice Statement

school [skool] coun-sel-ing [koun-suh-ling]: "A professional member of an education team who assists students in their personal and social, academic and career development aspects of education through services such as individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom teaching, and provide leadership in education reform (advocacy); traditionally known as a guidance counselor, although this term is deemed inaccurate by most professionals today."

Below is the official Scope of Practice Statement adopted by the OSCA.  It reflects the legal language within the Ohio Revised Code establishing what a school counselor is a does.  This scope of practice can be used in your local advocacy efforts as you work to educate others of the unique role of school counselors.

Scope of Practice Coming Soon!

For many persons, their definition of the work of the school counselor comes from their own experiences with school counselors: persons who may not have been accurate representatives of the profession of school counseling. School counselors are counselors who work in schools, educators who support and facilitate the educational mission of the school through counseling, educating, advocacy, and leadership. Click here to learn about how the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) defines schools counseling.

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